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Position encoders

Higher accuracy. Easier installation. Superior reliability.

High quality optical, magnetic and laser encoders from Renishaw.

Laser encoders

Laser encoders provide high resolution and low cyclic error (SDE) linear position measurement.

They combine the measurement and positioning performance expected from a displacement interferometer, with the ease of installation and use associated with a traditional tape or glass scale based encoders.

Optical encoders

Robust and high-performance linear and rotary position measurement using a finely graduated scale and a compact optoelectronic readhead that converts motion relative to the scale into position data.

  • Incremental and absolute position measurement available
  • Non-contact design - zero hysteresis and no mechanical wear
  • Robust optical design - high immunity to dirt, dust and scratches without compromising signal integrity

Magnetic encoders

Linear and rotary position measurement at low-cost, with high reliability and capable of operating in harsh environments.

  • Incremental and absolute position measurement available
  • Non-contact design ensures no mechanical wear
  • Robust magnetic position sensing technology provides excellent resistance to most forms of contamination