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Productivity+™ Scanning Suite

Advanced 3D scanning for industry-changing manufacturing processes.

True 3D – measure complex 3D surfaces at high speed

Accuracy – absolute XYZ surface data with 1000 points per second

Capability – analysis tools optimised for industrial applications

The Productivity+™ Scanning Suite is an integrated on-machine scanning measurement system that records absolute XYZ surface position data with exceptional accuracy.

The Suite comprises a variety of optional application-specific toolkits, each focused on an individual task or industry sector.

Inspect complex 2D and 3D forms

Reduce scrap, enhance productivity and increase profits – the Productivity+™ Scanning Suite can keep complex machining processes under control.

Fast and accurate scanning of free-form surfaces

Blade scanning application using OSP60 SPRINT probe

Probe six times faster

Measure up-to six times faster than touch-trigger systems at speeds as high as 15000 mm/minute. Reduce probing time to increase profitable, productive machining time.

Integrated for accuracy

Obtaining real-time machine position from the CNC ensures that high-speed, high-accuracy measurement is not limited by the machine tool path following capability.

Detect feature form issues

On-machine scanning using the OSP60 probe can detect defects in feature form that could be missed by touch-trigger systems.

Control your processes

Use measurement results obtained by the OSP60 probe to control downstream machining processes. Real-time results can be displayed on machine or via Productivity+ CNC plug-in software, providing instant feedback and process confidence. Results can also be exported to a file for further analysis.

Prismatic scanning as standard

As standard, the Productivity+ Scanning Suite can accurately measure circles, lines, arcs and planes. These prismatic features are measured on known parts and the results used for part setting or for post-process inspection.

Game-changing applications

The Productivity+ Scanning Suite incorporates ground-breaking technology which allows organisations to completely re-think the use of on-machine process control measurement in high value CNC manufacturing tasks. Working in conjunction with manufacturing organisations in key industries, Renishaw continues to develop specific application capability to improve manufacturing processes.

Based on this experience, the Productivity+ Scanning Suite comprises a variety of optional application-specific toolkit packages, each focused on an individual task or industry sector.

Productivity+ Freeform Surface Toolkit

Free-form 3D geometry can be measured at high speed using the Productivity+ Freeform Surface Toolkit; enabling the rapid inspection of complex surfaces with single and double curvature.

Absolute XYZ surface positional data can be reported from free-form surfaces and results can be output to a file for further analysis or stored in machine variables for process control.

Productivity+ Blade Toolkit

The Productivity+ Blade Toolkit offers high-speed, accurate measurement, with exceptional definition of high-curvature surfaces, such as leading and trailing edges.

The toolkit offers a drop-in replacement for an existing touch-trigger process; allowing for easy adoption of scanning technology.

Productivity+ Adaptive Cut Toolkit

The Productivity+ Adaptive Cut Toolkit can rapidly scan the true form of a part, automatically generate a new cutting toolpath that matches the real shape, and instantly upload it to the machine.

Productivity+ 3D Feature Toolkit

The Productivity+ 3D Feature toolkit allows the user to program arbitrary paths (including broken section scans) on certain 3D features and fit a nominal surface to the data. The user can then report on these features using the standard Productivity+ reporting. This toolkit offers a flexible scanning strategy for parts with interrupted or incomplete features.

Supports 3D features such as circles, cones, spheres and cylinders.

Customised applications

Productivity+ MTM cycle

The Productivity+ MTM cycle offers exceptionally repeatable diameter measurement to machine tool builders who produce Y-axis multi-task machine tools for use in the machining of highly accurate diameters.

The cycle provides users with the potential for extremely accurate automatic 'cut-measure-cut' operations with tolerances of a few microns.

Productivity+ Machine Health Check

The Productivity+ Machine Health Check application provides automated machine tool performance verification in under a minute, helping to prevent scrap due to poor machine conditions. The rapid go/no-go check can monitor machine capability and stop the process to allow more detailed investigation of poor performance to be carried out.

System components

OSP60 inspection probe

An analogue scanning probe for machine tools, capable of scanning and touch measurements.

OMM-S receiver

An optical receiver specific to the OSP60 inspection probe.

OSI-S interface

An optical interface providing input/output communication with the machine tool.

Productivity+ system components

DPU-2 data processing unit

Processes and stores scanned measurement data. Saves results into machine variables (via the CNC API) for use in downstream processes.

Productivity+ CNC plug‑in

On-machine software for generating, editing and running probe routines, using easy‑to‑understand screens instead of complex NC codes.

Productivity+ Active Editor Pro

Simple-to-use graphical programming software that uses solid model geometry to generate the NC code that drives the inspection program.

Next steps

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