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Raman training

Four ways to get trained

We want you to realise the full potential of your Raman system and make use of all its features and capabilities. We offer a range of training options to help you achieve this.

Raman Revealed workshops

If you are a new or intermediate user of the inVia, our Raman Revealed workshop is for you. This group training session will help you learn how to get the most out of your inVia. Over three days, you'll discover the answers to questions like: “Which laser wavelength do I use?”, “When should I use the different objectives?”, “How should I prepare my sample?” and much more.

For further details and to register your interest visit the Raman Revealed pages

Bespoke training

We can provide training tailored specifically for your application needs. This is provided by our applications team either at your site, or at a Renishaw site. If you feel the training options outlined above do not meet your needs, please speak to your local Renishaw contact about your specific requirements.

‘Start-up' training

Personalised and interactive, this ‘start-up' training session is included as standard with all system purchases. One of Renishaw's international service team will explain the general functionality of the system and train users on how to maintain its smooth operation. This will ensure your system gives consistent, reliable and calibrated performance.

How-to guides

We have a comprehensive range of training modules. These can help you use your Raman system efficiently and exploit its full potential.

The training modules are written by Renishaw's expert system users. They give step-by-step help and guidance. They can answer any questions you have following your initial training.

The training modules consist of:

  • On-screen ‘How-to' guides, accessed via the WiRE software ‘Help' menu
  • Online documents and videos, downloadable from this website

We restrict access of the online documents to customers and users of Renishaw Raman systems.

Click below to request access to the online modules. There is no need to request access to multiple modules. Once approved, you will be given access to all training modules.

You will need to submit information about your institution and register an institutional email address (such as Please note that and addresses, for example, are not suitable.

Registration is a two-step process:

  • Firstly (within an hour) the website will register you with MyRenishaw.
    This enables you to easily download documents from the site other than the training modules.
  • Secondly (within a working day) Renishaw staff will check your details and then grant you access to all the training modules.
    We will send you an email confirming this.