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Renishaw launches flexible and cost-effective arc encoder range

March 2020

Renishaw, the global metrology specialist, introduces a new range of encoder solutions for partial arc measurement applications.

RKL encoder scales are a family of robust, narrow, thin and highly flexible scales that can be wrapped around drums, shafts or arcs with radii down to 26 mm, and provide best accuracy on a partial arc when compared to other types of tape scale.

Partial arc encoders are found in a wide range of applications including wire bonders for back-end semiconductor manufacturing and synchrotron mirror benders for beamline X-ray experiments. They are usually specified when only small angular movements are required and also enable arc measurement around larger radii of curvature than is possible with conventional rotary (angle) scales.

RKL encoder scales can be conveniently cut to the required length and mounted on a simple cylindrical substrate with no requirement for complex mounting features or tightly toleranced alignment surfaces. Partial arc capability is available across all variants of RKL scale, supporting incremental and absolute measurement with the VIONiC™, TONiC™, QUANTiC™, ATOM™, ATOM DX™ and RESOLUTE™ encoder readheads.

Renishaw encoder systems have CE approval and are manufactured in‑house using strict quality-controlled processes that are certified to ISO 9001:2015, and backed by a truly responsive global sales and support network.

Please contact your local Renishaw sales representative for further information about the company's encoder solutions for partial arc, rotary and linear measurement applications.

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