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Step 1. Choose from absolute or incremental, linear, partial arc or rotary, encoders:

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RESOLUTE™ readhead on RKLA partial arc scale
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  • * FS: encoders are certified to SIL2 PLd for Functional Safety applications.
  • **ETR: Extended Temperature Range encoders are able to operate in environments with extreme high and low temperatures.
  • UHV: Ultra-High Vacuum encoders are optimised for use in vacuum environments.
  • Incremental encoders are used in applications where instant and accurate relative position is needed, in either analogue or digital format.
  • Absolute encoders are used in applications that need a high speed unique digital output for each position and offer functional immunity from power interruptions.
  • Linear scales are used where straight-line position information is needed - usually X, Y or Z axes.
  • Rotary scales are used for angular position information and the motion control of rotating elements.
  • Partial arc scales are used for measuring a partial arc of rotation by wrapping the scale around drums, shafts or arcs.