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Reporter v2.0 – a smart app for smart factories

5 March 2020

Renishaw, a global engineering technologies company and member of the MTConnect Standards Committee, will demonstrate an enhanced version of its Reporter on-machine probing app, complete with MTConnect data streaming capability, at MACH 2020 (from 20th - 24th April).

Reporter is a real-time process monitoring app which generates highly-visual, graphical representations of measurement data. It displays the pass, fail or warning status of each measurement, making it an ideal tool for basic trend reporting. Archive measurement data stored on the machine tool control can also be displayed and reviewed, helping to identify longer term trends, thermal effects and to schedule preventative maintenance tasks.

The app can also be used to display data captured using other Renishaw machine tool software applications and probing cycles from several machine tool builders.

Export data for record keeping or further analysis

In smart factories, it is routine to collect data about manufacturing operations, then use the information to solve problems or optimise production processes. Reporter makes it easier to capture and share on-machine measurement data with the new data export option. Users are able to export part inspection data and tool measurements from the Reporter app into a csv file or stream data from the machine tool using MTConnect – the standard for machine tool data exchange.

Exported part data can be stored for traceability or imported into users' quality analysis software applications, providing manufacturers with valuable insights about their machining processes.

Report on tool length and diameter measurement

As well as workpiece setting and inspection, Renishaw machine tool probing systems can also set the length and diameter of cutting tools on the machine. The latest version of the Reporter app can record tool offset updates and display a graph of how cutting tool length and diameter vary over time. Being able to monitor cutter wear allows operators to see when tools require replacement, preventing scrap caused by using tools with excessive wear, and saving money by avoiding premature tool replacement.

An enhanced user interface

It is now possible to filter data by part ID, feature name or date range within the Reporter app, allowing operators to hone in on the data they want to see. With the export option, users can also choose to export the filtered data for further analysis. In addition, users have the option to use a new compact table view as well as the standard control chart view.

A smart app for smart factories

By utilising Renishaw's knowledge and expertise in metrology, the Reporter app provides manufacturers with valuable information about workpiece measurements and tool dimensions. This gives operators confidence in their machining processes and access to the data that can be used for continual process improvement.

To find out more about Reporter, visit Renishaw at MACH 2020 (20th - 24th April, half 19 stand 300) or visit


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