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SPRINT™ technology

High-speed, high-accuracy machine tool probe providing touch-trigger and on-machine scanning capability.

With the unique 3D sensor technology within the OSP60 probe, probing systems with SPRINT™ technology provide exceptional, high-speed, high-accuracy, probing to CNC machine tools.

Exceptionally responsive to surface variation and capable of detecting sub-micron movement at the probe stylus tip, the OSP60 captures 1,000 true 3D data points every second. Offering precision scanning and point measurement capability, the OSP60 with SPRINT technology is the ideal solution for a diverse range of industrial applications.

Reduce scrap, enhance productivity and increase profits – Renishaw machine tool probes can keep your machining process under control.

One probe, unlimited capabilities

Machine health check

Machine tool performance verification in less than one minute. Integrate cycles into a CNC machining program to provide confidence in machine condition prior to critical manufacturing operations.

High-speed part set-up

Exceptionally fast workpiece set-up using touch point or scanning cycles. Use results to update work co-ordinate systems.

Surface condition monitoring

Dedicated measurement macros to determine component surface condition. Detect excessive waviness, surface peaks and steps.


3D surface capture

Rapid inspection of complex, free-form component geometry, including leading and trailing edges, and surfaces with double curvature.

Adaptive machining

Generate component-specific cutting toolpaths for near-net parts such as castings. Nominal toolpath points are adjusted to match the true shape of the scanned component.

3D feature fitting

Measure 3D features such as cones, cylinders, circles or spheres using multiple scan paths and use the data for a fitting operation prior to machining.

The results we have gained from the investment have far exceeded our expectations. Our accuracy in fine milling of bladed disk is more than four times better and the related labour costs have been halved.

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Exclusive benefits of using the OSP60

In-process inspection with Renishaw OSP60 probe with SPRINT™ technology

Rapid part measurement

Scanning provides incredible time savings in on-machine inspection and job set-up, increasing profitable and productive machining time.

Determine feature form

Determine surface high-point / low-point or full feature form measurement that would be missed by touch-trigger systems.

In-process control

Workpiece measurement results, captured by the OSP60 probe, can help keep on-machine processes under control, automatically.

Results can also be output for further analysis, or for quality assurance purposes.

SPRINT technology

OSP60 SPRINT transducer

Innovative thinking

Incorporating a unique sensor design, the OSP60 probe with SPRINT technology provides an exceptional, high-speed, high-accuracy probing system for CNC machine tools.

Suitable for use in a diverse range of industrial applications, the OSP60 works with SupaScan and Productivity+™ Scanning Suite software.

The OSP60 can also operate as a touch-trigger probe when used in conjunction with Inspection Plus for OSP60 software offering immediate cycle-time savings to existing users of Renishaw touch-trigger probes.

Competitive advantage

Thanks to patented SPRINT technology, the OSP60 offers users unbeatable benefits:

  • Unique sensor technology providing 1000 true 3D data points per second.
  • Advanced fitting algorithms process data to determine feature position, size and form.
  • Industry-leading software, including industry-specific application toolkits.
  • Ideal for applications from simple, prismatic part set-up through to inspection of complex free-form component geometry.

The Renishaw advantage

Renishaw has an excellent reputation for providing excellent customer support. We have over 70 service and support offices located all over the world.

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Explore a range of accessories for machine tool probes, including calibration artefacts and shanks. Sourcing accessories from Renishaw ensures probing longevity and optimal performance.