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Upgrade your system

Renishaw offers existing users a range of upgrades to provide you the best solution.

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Upgrade now to continue benefiting from Renishaw's machine measurement solutions.

ML10 to XL-80 upgrade

Renishaw are able to offer a variety of discounted upgrade packages to an XL-80 laser system which will include everything that you need to upgrade from ML10/EC10 to XL-80/XC-80.

The XL-80 offers significant performance and operational benefits compared to the ML10 system. The laser produces an extremely stable laser beam, with a wavelength that is traceable back to national and international standards.

The XL-80 system is fully backwards compatible with existing ML10 optics and set-ups. To accompany XL-80, CARTO software suite is made up of three applications:

  • Capture to collect laser data
  • Explore to analyse data to international standards and easily produce PDF reports
  • Compensate for geometric error correction using compensation files specific to your requirements.

RX10 to XR20 upgrade

The XR20 rotary axis calibrator retains the accuracy, repeatability and automatic operation of the RX10 rotary axis calibrator, but adds greater flexibility, simpler set-up and operation and quicker overall testing.

Renishaw wants to see as many RX10 users as possible benefit from the great features of the XR20 rotary axis calibrator. To make your purchasing decision easier, we are offering trade-in discounts.

The standard trade-in allowance is quoted on the basis that a complete and fully functional RX10 kit is returned. Non-functional, damaged or incomplete kits may be considered for trade-in at Renishaw's discretion. If accepted, the trade-in allowance will be reduced.

QC20 with lathe adaptor

QC10 to QC20 upgrade

With all the benefits that the QC20 ballbar gives you, we think existing users will want to upgrade.

To make this as easy as possible, the kit structure and pricing is aimed at giving the lowest possible entry cost to QC20 ballbar use by offering a 'basic upgrade kit', plus other accessories and options as separate upgrade kits or parts.

The enables existing users to pay for the functionality they need ('bundled' kits may also be offered in some territories).

QC20 ballbar upgrade kit

Trade in your QC10 ballbar device and get the QC20 ballbar upgrade kit for less than half the cost of a complete new kit.

The kit includes:

  • QC20 ballbar
  • Tool cup
  • Centre cup
  • Battery
  • Ballbar 20 software and user guide (download)
  • Setting ball
  • Machine validation cards
  • Spanner set

The packaging has been designed to fit directly into the QC10 ballbar case (post 2001 metal framed case) or an optional QC20 ballbar case can be purchased.

QC20 ballbar additional options

Our range of QC20 ballbar accessories extend the functionality and portability of the QC20 ballbar.

QC20 partial arc kit

The kit consists of a modified centre mount assembly and tool cup extension. This allows the QC20 ballbar to perform a 220º partial arc test.

The ability to carry out tests in all three planes (XY, XZ and YZ) without moving the centre pivot greatly simplifies set up and enables a true volumetric analysis for the first time.

QC20 small circle adaptor

The QC10 small circle adaptor is not compatible with the QC20 ballbar.

Existing users can purchase a QC20 small circle adaptor which simply screw mounts on to the QC20 ballbar body. The 50 mm ballbar calibrator is compatible with the QC20 and QC10 ballbar.

QC20 ballbar carry case

The QC20 ballbar carrying case has been designed to transport the small circle accessory kit and VTL adaptor in the same case.

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