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XR20 rotary axis calibrator

Rotary axis positioning is critical to overall machine accuracy

Rapid calibration using XR20 provides up to ±1 arc second accuracy

The XR20 rotary axis calibrator works in conjunction with XL-80 and XM-60 laser systems providing highly accurate, repeatable rotary axis calibration for stages, jigs and machine tools.

It consists of an integrated angular retroreflector mounted on a precision servo-controlled axis. The angular position of the axis, and the optics relative to the main body housing, is controlled by a very high accuracy encoder system with the scale directly machined on the main bearing.

Features and benefits

  • Flexible and light weight – designed for single handed easy fitment to a wide variety of rotary tables, lathes and other rotary axes
  • High accuracy - ±1 arc second using XL-80 or ±1.2 arc second using XM-60. (See error budget and uncertainty calculation below for further details).
  • Rapid testing - quick test setup and fast data capture
  • Wireless operation – powered by rechargeable batteries and integrated wireless connection using Bluetooth® communication
  • Built-in alignment targets – minimises measurement errors during setup
  • Auto calibration – pre-measurement calibration cycle compensates for angular alignment errors
  • Pre-test cycles – automatic direction and feedrate detection
  • Feedrate - speeds of up to 10 rpm

With the features of the XR20 (easy and flexible setup due to its size and weight, wireless operation and user-friendly software), we have reduced our test setup time by 40% and test run time by 20%.

An added benefit is that wireless testing has allowed safer testing making supervision a non issue. As a result we do not disrupt shop floor activity, a great attraction to our operations and quality procedures.

Hurco (Taiwan)

Easy to use mounting options

Mounting the XR20 to rotary axes is simplified using a range of modular mounts to suit different applications.

Standard mounting

Centring on the axis is typically very simple, using the markings around the circumference of the mounting ring and the centration aid.

Flexible mounting

As well as the standard mounting arrangement, a mounting ring adaptor plate enables the XR20 to be fitted to rotary tables with unsuitable centre recesses. It can also be used to secure the XR20 to the chuck (lathe) adaptor and custom mounts.


CARTO software suite is used for rotary measurement using XL-80 laser or XM-60 multi-axis calibrator and is made up of three applications:

  • Capture to collect data and generate part programs.
  • Explore to provide powerful analysis and create reports to international standards.
  • Compensate to generate compensation files for improved positioning accuracy.

Off axis rotary software* provides a solution for five axis machine calibration where the XR20 rotary axis calibrator cannot be mounted on the machines rotational axis. The software outputs part programs for synchronised movement of rotary and linear axes to maintain beam alignment throughout the test.

*Only compatible with RotaryXL (XR20-W only), CARTO and LaserXL software
XR20 rotary axis calibrator mounting

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