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VAD Instrument chooses Renishaw’s UHV optical encoders for motion platforms

November 2020

Vacuum technology is used in many high-precision manufacturing processes. Typical applications include semiconductor wafer inspection, wafer bonding, photolithography and thin film deposition.

Motion platforms are an integral part of these complex procedures and must be compatible with a vacuum environment.

Renishaw's TONiC™ UHV optical encoders are specially designed for use in high and ultra-high vacuum enclosures and meet the strict requirements of FPD and semiconductor process equipment. VAD Instrument, based in South Korea, manufactures a wide range of precision motion platforms for semiconductor, FPD and electronics applications.

VAD selected Renishaw's TONiC UHV encoder and RLE fibre optic laser encoder for its latest range of vacuum compatible platforms, which deliver improved motion control performance.


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