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What's new?

Renishaw provides regular updates to CARTO software, including new functionality. A summary of our latest software versions can be found below. Visit CARTO support for further information and ‘how to' videos.

CARTO support

Features in version 4.2

Capture: long range measurement

Unlimited measurement range of your XM-60 or XM-600 multi-axis calibrator. Use dynamic data fit mode in Capture to define sub test methods, create part programs and capture data sets. Sub test data is automatically stitched in Explore for analysis.

CARTO data stitch

Explore: measure the point of interest

Measurement at the point of interest is often not possible. The location can compromise mounting of the hardware or obstruct the laser beam. The offset readings function in Explore allows the X, Y, Z deviations from the receiver to the point of interest to be entered into the software. Captured data is then recalculated to give the true errors at the source.

Offset readings - measure the point of interest

Explore: export to CSV

Gain instant access to your data by exporting single or multiple data sets to Comma Separated Value files (CSV). This allows maximum flexibility to expand your data usage options.

Explore - export to CSV

Compensate: machine tool error correction

Heidenhain TNC 640 controls now supported. Provides users with pitch compensation files in native machine tool language. Minimise machine downtime, maximise profits, optimise cutting performance. Siemens 840D is already supported.

Compensate pitch error correction

Features in version 4.1

Capture: improved straightness measurement

Minimise the effects of air turbulence and vibration often observed during straightness measurement when using your XM-60 or XM-600 multi-axis calibrator. Dynamic data fit mode captures a higher density of straightness data in a continuous sweep of the axis.

This method gives a more representative error for the application being measured.

XM-60 straightness dynamic data fit

Explore: XK10 straightness and parallelism analysis

XK10 alignment laser data can now be analysed, allowing data manipulation, comparison and parallel straightness functionality within Explore.

Data sharing using customised PDF reports is also available.

Explore - XK10 analysis