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XCal-View data analysis

CARTO release 3.0 has superseded XCal-View software for data analysis for XL-80 and XM-60 measurements.

XCal-View is required for:

  • ISO 10791-6 analysis from Ballbar Trace software
  • dynamic analysis for XL-80

Evaluate it for free for a 30 day trial period.

Download the latest software

Purchase options

XCal-View is available to purchase. Please contact your local Renishaw office for purchase options.

Please note: installing the software requires activation (online or via email) using a code supplied with the software.

Software release note

  • Software release note:  XCal-View Version 2.4 Software release note: XCal-View Version 2.4

    Important information concerning installation and use of XCal-View version 2.4. It is recommended to read this before downloading or installing software. Supersedes XCal-View version 2.3.