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Calibration software downloads

CARTO software suite is the single software solution for Renishaw's XL-80, XM-60, XM-600 and XR20-W calibration products. Whilst some functionality is still in development other calibration software may be required.

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Software downloads

SoftwareDownload contentsDownload Link
Ballbar 20
Find out more about Ballbar 20
Ballbar 20 v5.09.09Download now
Ballbar Trace
Find out more about Ballbar Trace
Ballbar Trace v1.0Download now
Off axis rotary
Find out more about Off axis rotary
Off axis rotary v2.01Contact us or buy now from the web shop
Find out more about QuickViewXL
QuickViewXL v1.0.4 (30 day trial)Download now
XK10 display unit software
Find out more about XK10 alignment laser
XK10 display unit v12.14Download now
LaserXLLaserXL v20.02.02.01
LaserXL 'freezing' patch'
DyconXL (convert dynamic data to CSV file)
Download now
RotaryXLRotaryXL v1.10Download now
XCal-View analysisXCal-View analysis v2.4 (30 day trial)
Renishaw analysis v20.03.02.04
Download now
Laser 10Laser 10 v10.06
DX10 device drivers 32-bit and 64-bit
DX10 'freezing' patch'
Download now

Additional information

LaserXL software

LaserXL is the original software for data capture and analysis using the XL-80 laser system. Renishaw recommends the use of the CARTO software suite for XL-80 wherever possible as LaserXL is no longer supported.

Note: for flatness mode and certain measurement applications, LaserXL may be required.

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RotaryXL software

RotaryXL is the original software for use with the XR20-W rotary axis calibrator in combination with XL-80 or ML10 laser systems. Renishaw recommends the use of the CARTO software suite for 'on axis' rotary applications using XL-80.

Note: for off axis data capture or any application using an ML10 laser with XR20-W rotary axis calibrator, RotaryXL is required.

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XCal-View analysis software

XCal-View analysis and Renishaw analysis software both allow analysis of Laser10, LaserXL and RotaryXL data to internationally recognised standards. CARTO software suite has superseded both analysis packages.

Note: XCal-View is required for:

  • analysis of body and face diagonals to ISO 230-6 standard.
  • analysis of Ballbar Trace data to ISO 10791-6 standard for 5-axis evaluation.

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Laser 10 software

Laser 10 software provides data capture and analysis for the ML10 laser system which has been superseded by the XL-80 laser system.

Renishaw offers existing users a range of options to upgrade to the latest system.

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Upgrade to the latest system