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XK10 alignment laser system

A single digital solution for a range of machine tools.

Measure and align geometric and rotational axes on machine tools

The XK10 alignment laser system has been developed to measure geometric and rotational errors of machines tools. Used with the XK10 machine tool fixturing kit, it enables faster and easier measurements over traditional methods, such as dial gauges, autocollimators and metrology artefacts. It can be used on linear rails to ensure that they are straight, square, flat, parallel and level, as well as to assess spindle direction and coaxiality of rotary machines.

Measuring geometric and rotational errors during machine build, maintenance and service, enables accurate alignment and adjustment of machine axes to achieve optimum performance. This reduces time during machine assembly processes and on-site service, including regular maintenance or following a collision.

The XK10 can be used to measure and record a range of geometric error types using a single system. Live error readings allow adjustments to be made to the machine during the alignment process.

System overview

  • The launch is the primary method of laser transmission for the majority of measurement types. It is used with the M unit for geometric measurements up to 30 m.
  • The S unit and M unit contain both transmitters and receivers and can be set up in different configurations depending on the error type under test.
  • The display unit is used to take and record measurements, as well as display live readings allowing for easy adjustment. Powered by a rechargeable battery, it allows portable operation up to 30 hours.
  • The XK10 system includes a machine tool fixturing kit that has been designed specifically to improve repeatability and accuracy in measurements.

XK10 alignment laser system
XK10 alignment laser system on machine casting

Key features and benefits

Configured to provide flexible measurement solutions for machine tools. The kit allows for variations in machine sizes and configurations.

  • Rotating head - allows easy beam pointing from the launch unit with the capability to measure flatness using a series of grid points.
  • Intuitive software - guides you through the setup and measurement process, quickly and easily.
  • Wireless connectivity - no cables ensures flexibility within the setup and measurement.
  • Easy fixturing - designed for repeatable and accurate results and to reduce setup time.
  • Flexibility - multiple measurements for different machine configurations from a single kit.
  • Automatic analysis - immediate results following measurement, with live displays for adjustment.

XK parallelism kit

The XK parallelism kit is an additional accessory required to carry out parallelism measurements. It allows two nominally parallel straightness measurements to be carried out without moving the launch.

  • Accurate - 90°deflection of the laser beam. Versatile adjustments allow ease of alignment.

An optional tripod mount kit is available for use with a tripod when  there is no space to directly mount the launch.

Setting up a parallelism measurement with XK10 alignment laser

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