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FCR25 flexible change rack system

FCR25 is a flexible change rack system that can be either mounted to an MRS rail or supplied with a standalone leg which can be fixed to the bed of the CMM. FCR25 provides automatic and repeatable changing of SP25M system scanning modules and stylus holders.

There are a number of port inserts that are required to interchange SH25 stylus holders and also TP20 modules. The PA25-SH port insert is used to allow the changing of the whole range of SH25 stylus holders, the PA25-20 should be used to allow TP20 modules to be changed using FCR25.

FCR25 can be fixed to an MRS rail in multiples, allowing more numbers of ports for housing and changing probe system components. There are three port and six port versions of the standalone FCR25 also available.

FCR25 family tree