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SP25M maintenance

The SP25M probe, SM25 scanning modules and SH25 stylus holders have no user serviceable parts. In the event of a problem, contact your local Renishaw supplier for assistance.

Following the simple maintenance procedures below will help to prolong the operation life and continued high performance of the system. The user should determine the frequency of inspection and maintenance according to the conditions of use.

CAUTION: Always adhere to the general safety recommendations in this document. Failure to do so could adversely affect the performance of the probe system and / or lead to personal injury.

SP25M probe system components

The external surfaces of all system components should be cleaned with a soft, lint free cloth. All parts must always be kept dry.

The kinematic coupling mechanisms incorporated throughout the system have a precision ball and V-groove seating, electrical contacts and permanent magnets. It is recommended that all these features are cleaned before first use and then at intervals after 500 tool changes.

A cleaning kit for the above components is available from your local Renishaw supplier (part number: A-1085-0016). With clean hands, tear off a small amount of yellow tack, shape in to a ball and press on to each feature in turn to remove debris.

The optical windows that feature as part of the probe and module assemblies should be carefully cleaned using the yellow tack supplied in the cleaning kit (part number: A-1085-0016). The optical windows are made of glass and should be cleaned with care to avoid damage or personal injury.

All probe system components that are not being used and are not stored in the rack should be kept in their original transportation packaging boxes.

FCR25 and FCR25 TC flexible change racks

The ports, lids and outer surfaces of the FCR25 racks should be periodically cleaned using a soft, lint free cloth to prevent the contamination of the probe system components. A port replacement kit is available if required (FCR25: A-5036-0049, FCR25 TC: A-2237-0050).


Stylus balls, threads and mating faces should be cleaned using a proprietary cleaning cloth or solvent. Stylus balls should be regularly inspected for damage or pick-up of component material.