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System components overview

System overview

The modular design of the SP25M system enables the flexibility for optimum configuration by the user. Please refer to the schematic diagrams showing the SP25M system components in the SP25M installation section of this document.

SP25M probe body

The SP25M probe body houses the optical transducer system and attaches to PH10M PLUS, PH10MQ PLUS or PH6M using a Renishaw autojoint connection.

SM25 scanning modules

There are five scanning modules in the SM25 range which enable accurate scanning measurements at different stylus lengths. SM25-1, SM25-2, SM25-3 and SM25-4 are recommended for use with linear stylus arrangements and SM25-5 is recommended for use with non-linear and star stylus arrangements.

SH25 stylus holders

The range of SH25 stylus holders enable accurate scanning measurements with effective stylus lengths ranging from 20 mm to 400 mm. SH25-1, SH25-2, SH25-3 and SH25-4 are recommended for use with linear stylus arrangements. SH25-2A, SH25-3A, SH25-4A and SH25-5 are recommended for use with non-linear and star stylus arrangements.

TM25-20 adaptor module

For rapid touch-trigger measurement, the TM25-20 adaptor module may be used which provides full compatibility with the whole range of TP20 touch-trigger probe modules.

FCR25 flexible change rack

Automated and repeatable changing of the SM25 scanning modules, SH25 stylus holders and TM25-20 is possible with FCR25. This triple port system is designed for mounting on the Renishaw MRS rail system.

FCR25-L3 and FCR25-L6 leg mounted flexible change racks

These variants of the FCR25 flexible change rack and designed to be mounted to the bed of the CMM with the integrated leg assembly.

FCR25 TC change rack

The FCR25 TC provides automated and repeatable changing of SM25 scanning modules whilst keeping the ports at the same operating temperature as the SP25M probe body. This ensures that there is no difference in temperature between the SP25M probe body and the SM25 scanning modules eliminating thermal variation and providing optimum metrology.

AC3 analogue interface PCB card

An ISA bus card to enable integration of the SP25M system with a CMM manufacturer's own controller.