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SP25M operation

Modes of operation

The SP25M is an analogue output measurement probe and may be used in a variety of ways. Principally, these will be either as a single point measurement probe or as a profile measurement / digitising probe.

Scanning mode

SP25M can be used as a continuous deflection analogue contact scanning probe for profile measurement or for surface digitising purposes. In this case the CMM controller must respond to the deflections of the probe in real time to maintain surface contact.

Touch-trigger mode

SP25M can be used as a traditional touch-trigger probe using all seven modules in the TP20 probe range. Operating characteristics and instructions are given in the TP20 system installation and user's guide (Renishaw part number: H-1000-5008) which can be downloaded in PDF format from the Renishaw website


The SP25M probe may be used in different orientations when mounted on a Renishaw PH10M PLUS or PH10MQ PLUS motorised head. The design has been optimised to ensure the working range of the probe can be achieved in all orientations.