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MCU W-2 battery operation and maintenance

The MCU W-2 system requires two batteries. One battery should be placed in the joystick and the spare one should be kept in the cradle where it is continously recharged when the cradle is powered and switched on. The battery in the handset is automatically recharged when it is replaced on the cradle so it should be returned whenever the joystick is not in use.

MCU W-2 first usage

Before using the MCU W-2 for the first time please check the batteries for damage or leakage. If battery damage or leakage is found do not use the battery. The batteries are shipped 30% charged and can be used immediately.

The battery charge status is confirmed in the screen display.

When the battery charge status is low, which is indicated in the screen display and an audible beep, replace it with the spare battery from the cradle.


A new, fully charged battery powers the MCU W-2 for at least 8 hours under normal usage conditions. Elevated temperatures will reduce battery life. If audible beeps are heard from the handset, it means the battery power is running low. The joystick battery should be exchanged with the one in the cradle or alternatively, replace the joystick on the cradle for recharging.

Safety related to the MCU W-2 battery usage

Please refer to the appropriate section of the MCU W-2 safety information.