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Pairing the MCU W-2 joystick with the cradle

The MCU W-2 is supplied pre-paired and this procedure is only required if part of the system is replaced.

Prior to pairing the MCU W-2 cradle to the joystick please ensure that:

  • The MCU W-2 cradle power cable is unplugged
  • The battery in the MCU W-2 joystick has been removed

To pair the MCU W-2 joystick to the cradle please do the following:

1. Plug-in power to the cradle.

2. Wait five seconds for the cradle to power up and the LED start-up sequence to complete.

3. Push and hold the cradle reset button until the pairing status LED rapidly flashes blue. This typically takes three seconds.

Pushing pairing button

4. Wait for the pairing to fail, indicated by the pairing status LED turning solid red. This typically takes one minute.

5. Remove the cradle power and wait for the LEDs to turn off.

6. Replace power to the cradle.

7. Wait for the pairing cradle LED to turn RED, then press and hold the cradle reset button until the pairing status LED flashes blue.

8. Push and hold the mode selection button and insert the battery. The link sequence is started once you see )))) on the LCD screen – stop holding down the mode selection button.

Axis select button

9. Pairing is successful once the pairing status LED is solid blue.

10. If unsuccessful, the cradle will timeout after two minutes and the pairing status will turn solid red. If this happens restart the complete procedure again.