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MCU W-2 cradle - switching on and off

The MCU W-2 cradle key is designed to control the use of the MCU W-2 joystick, i.e. to activate or deactivate it when needed.

MCU W-2 joystick activation and deactivation

To activate the joystick the operator has to insert the key as shown in the picture and turn it from OFF to ON. These positions are clearly indicated on the MCU W-2 cradle.

The operator can disable the joystick by switching the key to OFF and removing the key from the cradle. This prevents the CMM machine from being moved via the joystick.

The key is only removable when it is in the OFF position, which is confirmed by a key symbol displayed on the MCU W-2 screen.

MCU W screen key

MCU W-2 locking position ON, joystick activated

MCU locking position ON

MCU W-2 locking position OFF, joystick deactivated

MCU locking position OFF