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SH80 stylus holder

The SH80 stylus holder is located onto the probe body using a repeatable magnetic kinematic joint. It provides rapid interchange between stylus configurations thus enabling optimisation of measuring solutions to suit the application whilst maintaining system accuracy.

The SH80 features a 5-way cube for attachment of M5 styli. For additional flexibility, this cube may be rotationally adjusted for infinite angular positioning of the stylus. It is locked in the desired position by a single grubscrew and does not need to be removed from the probe body to make the adjustment.

The SH80 can be automatically removed and replaced on the probe body by using a SCP80/V mounted on an MRS or suitable extrusion.

SH80's design makes it possible to dock into an SCP80 port which is aligned with any of the four sides of the SP80 probe. This enables the SCP80 / SCP80V system to be positioned to the rear, front, left or right of the CMM, or any combination of these. The user must fit the magnet keeper plate assembly to the side of the SH80 that will enter into the SCP80 / SCP80V port.

SH80 docking arrangements:

SH80 docking arrangements

Engraved graduations assist visual orientation of the stylus cube, and four engraved alignment marks TP20 alignment marks are positioned on the SH80 and the corresponding sides of the probe body. The triangular mark indicates the front of the probe body.

Stylus changing offers crash protection by either the module becoming detached on collision or by setting a high deflection to alert the CMM of an unexpected collision. As with the SP600, the robustness of the probe means that a simple re-qualification of the probe and stylus arrangement should allow work to continue immediately.

SH80 markings:

SH80 markings