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System overview

SP80 with change rack

The SP80 system comprises the SP80 or SP80H ultra-high accuracy scanning probe, the probe interface and a rack system for stylus holder changing.

The SP80 and SP80H are fixed type scanning probes that use digital scale and readhead technology (with 0.02 μm measuring resolution), and features Renishaw's innovative isolated optical metrology principles, to provide exceptional scanning performance, even with long styli. The simple and robust passive design has no internal motors to generate heat or reliability issues and therefore unnecessary system complexity is avoided. The difference between the SP80 and SP80H is that the SP80H has a different spring arrangement to allow it to be mounted horizontally.

The probe is able to access features deep within parts by carrying styli up to 800 mm long* and 500 g mass**, including star configurations which do not require counterbalancing. Renishaw's range of M5 styli products are designed to complement SP80 and ensure peak performance.

Detachable stylus holders (SH80) permit rapid and repeatable interchange between stylus configurations thus eliminating re-calibration, maximising productivity and permitting optimum solutions to match the application. The stylus holders also provide crash protection in the probe X Y direction and a bump stop prevents damage to the probe in the probe Z-axis.

The SH80K is a detachable stylus holder that when fitted allows both the SP80 and the SP80H to be powered off without the need to re-home the probe on power up.

To allow easy, manual removal and fitment of stylus holders, an SH80 removal tool is provided as part of the standard probe kit.

The SP80 and SP80H have kinematic mounts that offer a repeatable connection to the quill mounting plate (KM80), allowing the probe to be easily removed from the co-ordinate measuring machine (CMM). The KM80 is designed for a 80 mm × 80 mm quill. Alternative mounting plates are provided to suit a 60 mm x 60 mm quill (KM6080) or the non-preferred shank mounted installations (SM80). These mounts are compatible with both the SP80 and the SP80H.

There are two types of stylus change ports to provide rapid automatic changing between stylus holders. The SCP80, for use with the SP80 probe, is mounted to Renishaw's modular rack system (MRS). The SCP80V, for use with the SP80H probe, can be mounted to the MRS for use with SP80 but there is no equivalent configuration for a vertically mounted rack. It is the OEM's responsibility to provide this. The difference between the two ports is that the SCP80V uses a different spring arrangement to provide the higher force needed for the return forks when the rack is in the vertical orientation. This different spring arrangement also makes it possible for the SCP80V to be used with SP80 when using long styli that extend through the rear of the port, this will ensure that the port returns to its home position.

NOTE: The MRS mounts on the CMM table and comprises a length selectable horizontal rail, with height adjustable legs. It carries stylus changer units for several Renishaw probe systems as well as the ACR3 autochange rack. No equivalent is available for the vertically mounted SCP80V. It is the OEM's responsibility to provide this.

* Longer stylus lengths may be carried subject to operating conditions - consult Renishaw for application assistance.

** This applies to SP80, SP80H has different limits, refer to SP80H stylus carrying capability for details.