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Graduates - Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below some frequently asked questions and further information.

How much will I be paid?

Salary is discussed during the interview stage but is competitive.

What will my hours of work be?

37 hours per week. Most departments offer flexible working with the possibility for a half day on Fridays.

What is my holiday entitlement?

155.5 hours per annum and 3 company days (used over Christmas) plus Bank Holidays.

If I am ill do I get sick pay?

Yes, after 13 weeks of employment.

When can I start?

All graduates should start by the first week of September at the latest. You should be aware that if you start before the 1st July, after 1 year you would be eligible for the company's discretionary bonus. If you start after this date, you would not be eligible until the following year.

Do you need help finding accommodation and require help with the costs?

We don't generally provide support with accommodation for graduates but this may depend on the individual's circumstances, such as where they are moving from, and so support may be provided on a case by case basis.

What is the recruitment process?

Once you submit your CV this will be screened and reviewed by experts in your selected discipline/workstream. If suitable you would then be invited to an assessment day. If you are successful at the assessment day then an offer will be made.

Do I need a work permit?

EU nationals do not need a work permit. If you are a non-EU national, we cannot process work permit applications on behalf of candidates, therefore we ask that you only submit an application to us once you have secured the right to live and work in the UK/EU.

Can I choose the division and site I work at?

Preference is taken into account but it is largely on dependent on business needs.

Will I be able to work abroad?

It would depend on the selected discipline – opportunities may become available once individuals gain sufficient relevant experience.

What training does the company provide?

There is a one week Group Induction Programme for all new graduates. You will also receive role-specific training.

What sort of job will I be doing?

This will be dependant on the work stream and division in which you will be working.

What roles does Renishaw have?

There are a number of different workstreams for graduates. When making an online application, information on these workstreams will be provided and you will be asked to select one of them. You should select the one you feel is most suitable to your qualifications and interests.

What does the induction programme involve?

All graduates will participate in a one week induction programme, starting at the beginning of September. This gives all graduates the opportunity to learn more about each product division within Renishaw and the different processes. There will also be opportunities for team building and to meet past graduates, apprentices and managers.