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AxiSet™ Check-Up

Fast, automated health checks for multi‑axis machine tools.

Machine performance is measured and reported in a matter of minutes.

Fully automated probing tests provide accurate and consistent results.

History and comparison functions track performance over time.

For multi-axis machines

There has been strong growth in the market for multi-axis machines. AxiSet Check-Up offers an easy and reliable process for analysing the performance of rotary axes and for identifying problems caused by incorrect machine set-up, collisions or wear.

AxiSet Check-Up video

About AxiSet Check-Up

Compatible with common formats of 5-axis and multi-tasking machines, AxiSet Check-Up provides machine users with a fast and accurate health check of rotary axis pivot points. Alignment and positioning performance checks are carried out rapidly, using macro probing software and a dedicated calibration artefact, to benchmark and monitor complex machines over time.

Using macro probing software and a dedicated calibration artefact, AxiSet Check-Up's graphical representations of multi-axis machine performance can help to make PASS or FAIL decisions based on defined tolerances, and track performance over time, using its history and comparison functions. This helps to identify poor machine alignments and geometry due to machine set-up, collisions or wear. AxiSet Check-Up offers the option to automatically update parameters and compensate for rotary axis pivot point error.

Performance analysis is reported graphically via Microsoft® Excel®, compared against user defined tolerances and stored for historical comparison. All results can be printed in a standardised report via Microsoft® Word®.

Features and benefits

  • Measurement and reporting of multi-axis machine performance.
  • Detection and reporting of pivot point errors.
  • Fully automated tests for accurate and consistent results.
  • User-defined test angles to test at critical orientations.
  • Tolerance functions to increase confidence before critical features are machined.
  • Historical and comparison functions to track machine performance over time.
  • Graphical reports quickly identify changes in performance due to collisions or setting errors.
  • Printed reports for record keeping and distribution.
  • Auto-update option for automatic compensation of pivot-point errors.
  • Installation wizard for simple installation and configuration.


AxiSet Check-Up system components


Written for a range of CNC controllers, these probing macros are machine specific and available for 5-axis machining centres and multi-tasking machines. These macros drive the machine, collecting measurement data.

PC software package

Running in Microsoft® Excel®, the software analyses the probe data and displays results in various easy-to-read graphical formats.


A single calibration sphere, conveniently mounted on a magnetic base, is used as a reference feature for measurements. This simple-to-use artefact ensures that set-up time is kept to a minimum and, in most cases, does not require fixtures or parts to be removed.

Recommended for use with AxiSet Check-Up

Strain gauge probe – For ultimate accuracy, Renishaw recommends the use of strain gauge probes for CNC machining centres. These are the latest generation of RENGAGE™ technology probes.

Calibrated test bar – Ensures that AxiSet Check-Up measurements are traceable and comparable to a machine tool builder's settings.

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