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Ballbar Trace software

Flexible software for time-based QC20-W data capture, extending use to 5-axis machine verification.

Ballbar Trace overview

Ballbar Trace is time-based software package for the QC20-W ballbar. The software is free of charge to existing QC20-W users.

Ballbar Trace's flexible use opens up QC20-W to many new applications, including 5-axis ballbar verification (to ISO 10791-6) and static monitoring.

Find out more about ISO 10791-6 testing

Features and benefits

Ballbar Trace is compatible with XCal-View data analysis software (version 2.3 and upwards) providing enhanced data analysis.

Ballbar Trace

Ballbar Trace provides data capture functionality featuring:

  • Real-time QC20-W ballbar data capture.
  • Minimal and flexible software set-up for rapid testing.

XCal-View analysis software

XCal-View provides data analysis to:

  • Swiftly examine and interrogate captured Ballbar Trace data.
  • Instantly create reports in the ISO 10791-6 format.

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