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Combined/hybrid Raman systems

Increase the analytical power of your inVia by coupling it to other analytical systems from a wide range of manufacturers.

For maximum efficiency, you can analyse your sample with two or more techniques without having to transfer it between instruments. With Renishaw's correlative microscopy systems you can be confident that you are analysing the same point with both techniques.

SPM/AFM: Nanometre resolution

Combine inVia with a scanning probe microscope (SPM), such as an atomic force microscope (AFM), to investigate the chemical and structural properties of materials. Add nanometre-scale chemical resolution with TERS, and reveal complementary information such as mechanical properties.

SEM: high magnification images and elemental analysis

Bring inVia's Raman analysis capabilities to a scanning electron microscope with Renishaw's Raman SEM-SCA interface. Use the SEM to record high-resolution images of your sample and perform elemental analysis using x-rays. Add the power of Raman to identify materials and non-metallic compounds, even when they have the same stoichiometry.

Nanoindentation: mechanical property measurements

Take measurements to directly correlate mechanical properties from indentation with comprehensive chemical analyses from Raman, in situ.

CLSM: confocal images

If you have samples with complex 3D structures (perhaps biological cells), you can add a confocal laser scanning microscope (CLSM) to your inVia and correlate confocal fluorescence images with Raman chemical images.

Combine for more power

Correlative imaging techniques can provide unique information otherwise hidden. For more information on how you can couple inVia to other analytical systems, please contact us.

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The following article was published in April 2015 and is reporduced by kind permission of Microscopy and Analysis Journal/Wiley.

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