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Custom signals

EZ-IO software includes a custom signals function for input and output to external devices.

Custom inputs and outputs in Equator™ gauging programs

The built-in custom signals function allows for customisation of the digital I/O to enable inputs and outputs to be directly controlled from the DMIS program. This powerful facility means the programmer can set up the Equator system to interact directly with external equipment that is connected to the EQ-IO digital I/O interface.

Equator™ Conroe automated loading cell

There are many applications for custom signals, depending on the needs of the manufacturing system. Examples include:

  • Status lights to inform the operator that the part is being inspected, the Equator gauge is not inspecting, or that the part is in or out of tolerance (Pass/Fail). Light sequences, colours and status may vary widely according to different production needs and processes, and can be controlled by the DMIS program.
  • Connection to a machine tool to trigger a simple digital offset by a set increment, preset within the machine control. This could be for individual or multiple features on a part.
  • Audible alarms to indicate inspection or part status.
  • Signalling a loading system to re-orient a part so that a second inspection operation can be performed in the same DMIS program

Once the I/O has been set up in EZ-IO, simple one-line commands can be programmed in MODUS that can either look at input status or change an output status, depending on the requirements of the application.