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EZ-IO automation software

Equator™ systems can be integrated into cells for shuttle and robot loading in smart factories.

Using EZ-IO to automate Equator systems

The Equator gauging system automation kit consists of the EQ-IO interface and EZ-IO software, enabling integration of Equator systems with automated loading in manufacturing cells within smart factories. For example EQ-IO and EZ-IO can be used to connect to a simple shuttle system or robot, accept commands to commence gauging when a part has been loaded, switch gauging programs, and tell the robot if a part has passed or failed so that it can place the part in the appropriate location.

EZ-IO software makes it very easy for integrators setting up automated manufacturing cells to configure communications between Equator systems and the cell controller.

Intelligent functions such as automatic re-mastering can be used, for example, using robot or shuttle system to load the master part when the Equator system detects that the shop floor temperature has changed.

For example, one function is the ability to integrate with a standard robot for loading and unloading using a pre-defined sequence allowing fast startup and robust controls.

In typical applications, a pneumatic or electrically-driven fixture is often used to ensure that the part being loaded is placed in the correct position and orientation to achieve highly repeatable measurements. Once the part has been measured, the EZ-IO software signals whether the part is inside or outside the specified tolerances. Based on this information, the robot can take different actions.

Process Monitor integrated with EZ-IO

The Process Monitor display is built into EZ-IO, to facilitate the viewing of communications between the Equator gauging system and the automated cell alongside the process control information provided by the graph displaying history of gauging.

Integration with PLCs

If required, a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) may be programmed to handle manual selection of operations. In this case, a button console would be used to send signals to the Equator to start the measurement cycle. As an alternative, a button console could be connected to the Equator to control component loading and unloading.

EZ-IO Scheduler

EZ-IO Scheduler is a pre-defined robot sequence which allows quick startup for integrators.