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How the Primo™ system works

'Pay-as-you-go' machine tool probes with Primo Credit Tokens

The Primo machine tool probe system utilises a unique 'pay-as-you-go' model. Instead of a long-term contract or commitment, you buy and activate a 6-month Credit Token which enables unlimited use of the Primo system during that period.

Once the credit expires, simply purchase another credit token to extend system usage for another six months. New credit can be inserted at any time and is added to any remaining credit. This innovative approach to providing machine tool probe technology offers new users a number of advantages:

  • Affordable initial investment
  • Fast payback
  • Protection against accidental damage with Primo Total Protect

The Primo system makes high-performance probing capability affordable, even for lower cost machines.

Find out more about Primo Credit Token.

GoProbe software and GoProbe training kit for ease of use

We have also ensured that the Primo system is easy to use for customers using machine tool probes for the first time. Every Primo system includes unique GoProbe software; a simple ‘all-in-one' probing solution for part setting and tool setting using single-line commands. The GoProbe training kit is a comprehensive, self-study package which assists you in the programming of a wide range of operations using the GoProbe software such as:

  • Ensuring the system is ready for use
  • Setting parts
  • Setting tools
  • Measuring and inspecting component features

A range of training tools and modules guide you through everything you need to know in order to get the most out of your Primo system.

A GoProbe app is also available for your smartphone. Using the interactive app, simply select your part's feature and required variables to generate your single-line command.

Find out more about GoProbe.

Primo Total Protect for peace of mind

Primo Total Protect (PTP) is valid for the duration of a six-month Credit Token once that token is registered on the Renishaw website and provides cover against accidental product damage. If any hardware element of the system is damaged Renishaw will replace it immediately, free of charge. Primo Total Protect is another Renishaw innovation that gives you peace of mind and leaves you free to concentrate on controlling your process and costs.

Find out more about Primo Total Protect.