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Inspection probe technology

Renishaw's inspection probes are either kinematic resistive or strain gauge. The strain gauge probes incorporate Renishaw's patented RENGAGE™ technology.

Inspection probe technology

Kinematic resistive probes

Kinematic resistive probes incorporate a spring-loaded kinematic mounting arrangement of rods and balls to position the stylus holder, providing excellent repeatability.

An electrical circuit provides resistance. As force on the stylus increases, so does the resistance, until a trigger threshold is reached and a trigger signal is generated.


  • 1 µm 2σ repeatability, derived from a fundamental kinematic resistive electrical switch
  • Comprehensive range of size and wireless-transmission options
  • Industry-standard, robust, 'all-round' products

RENGAGE™ strain gauge probes

Strain gauge probes retain the kinematic mounting arrangement of kinematic resistive probes, but utilise a series of strain gauges to measure the contact force on the stylus and generate a trigger signal.


  • Best-in-class 0.25 µm 2σ repeatability
  • Sub-μm 2D and 3D pre-travel variation
  • Solid-state sensing gives robustness and extended life
  • Active false-trigger filtering
  • Rapid multi-axis reorientations
  • Suitable for use with long styli

For more information on probe technology, see the Further reading section, or
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