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inVia: stability

With a stable Raman system, you can reliably measure small changes in Raman bands and obtain consistent results from day to day.

Rigid construction

Renishaw has designed inVia to be stable. This starts on the outside, with a custom designed honeycomb baseplate. This holds the spectrometer, microscope and lasers accurately in position and is so stable that an optical or anti-vibration table is not normally required.

inVia has all its key optics inside the spectrometer mounted on a single, stable, rigid foundation. This design prevents any relative movement of the components.

Accurate positioning

inVia's key moving components are equipped with Renishaw high precision encoders. These accurately measure position and angle. inVia monitors these constantly and ensures everything is correctly placed.

inVia uses encoders to measure the position or angle of the component itself, rather than its driving motor. This direct measurement method ensures accurate positioning.

Renishaw's High speed encoded stage (HSES), for example, has a large travel range (> 110 mm), but also achieves an impressively small step size (100 nm) and high repeatability.

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