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The ultimate sample surface/interface tracking technology

With LiveTrack™ focus tracking technology, optimum focus is maintained automatically in real time during data collection and white light video viewing.

Uneven, curved or rough surfaces

Quickly acquire accurate and reproducible spectra from samples with extensive topographic variations.

  • Tigers Eye rock Tigers Eye rock

Track focus in white light mode

Visually survey your sample to find regions of interest without the need for inconvenient manual focusing, or time consuming pre-scanning or sample preparation.

A technology for all samples

Use LiveTrack with all of Renishaw's Raman image generation techniques. Maintain sub-micrometre focus even on samples that have height variations of many millimetres. Analyse samples that were previously impractical to study, or would have required extensive sample preparation. Generate Raman images and layer these onto 3D views of the sample topography. Manipulate these images in 3D - you choose the view!

Simple to use. Just turn it on!

LiveTrack provides continuous feedback to the sample stage, which adjusts to follow the height of the sample. No time consuming set-up is needed – just focus the sample and turn on LiveTrack.

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  • LiveTrack silicon wafer
  • LiveTrack screwdriver bit
  • Tigers Eye rock
  • Fresnel lens

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Alternatives to LiveTrack

LiveTrack is available with the inVia Qontor and the RA802 Pharmaceutical Analyser.

Alternative technologies are available on other inVia Raman systems

Many aspects of Renishaw's innovative technology are covered by patents.

Latest LiveTrack news

Renishaw's LiveTrack focus-tracking technology wins an award

Renishaw, the global engineering technologies company, is delighted to have won an award for its real time focus-tracking technology for Raman imaging - LiveTrack.