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Large LCD for status information and for interacting with metrology programs.
  • MCU5Compatible with the range of Renishaw CMM controllers and incorporates all the functionality of the HCU1 hand controller for motorised head
  • Controls motion of CMM axes
  • Indexes the motorised head and rotary table
  • Operates as a computer mouse
  • Has a system menu for navigating the operating software
  • Handheld or table mounted operation

The MCU5 has an additional STOP button on the membrane keypad. This augments the E-STOP and allows a rapid stop of the CMM without disengaging the motors and is recommended for use with the REVO system.

The E-STOP switch has to cut the motor power to all the axes, including the two REVO axes. This is not always appropriate as the REVO A-axis will drop to 0° by gravity. Operation of the STOP switch will bring the CMM to a fast stop but the motors will remain engaged in the ‘hold' state.

Technical specification

MCU comparison

■ Standard specification

- Not available

Display window-
Fast / slow buttonOn paddleOn paddleOn paddleOn paddle
Programmable function keys24444
Axis locks
Engage / re-engage
Disable probe
Take point / delete point
Speed override
Operate rotary table-
Run / stop program---
Move in part CS-
Soft stop facility-
Wireless operation---
Battery life--8 hours-10 hours
Move in stylus CS-Via menuVia menu
Macro cycles---
Orbital mode -

UCCsuite 4.8

Via menu

UCCsuite 4.8

Via menu

Tap touchUCCsuite 4.8UCCsuite 4.8UCCsuite 4.8

UCC retrofit

Renishaw has formed a technical partnership with some of the industry's leading software companies and retrofitters to provide powerful CMM retrofit solutions using Renishaw's UCC controllers.


Learn about retrofitting options for your CMM.

Extended warranty

For peace of mind a 3-year warranty is available for your new CMM products during the first 3 months from purchase. Contact your vendor.