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Off axis rotary measurement

Hardware and software to simplify rotary axis measurement on machines where mounting on the centre of rotation is challenging.

Off axis rotary measurement overview

Off axis rotary software allows the XR20-W to be used to measure the rotary positioning accuracy of an axis, even when the XR20-W isn't mounted on the centre of rotation (pivot point) of that axis. This extends the capability of XR20-W to many five axis machine tools.

  • Off axis measurement works by synchronising movement of rotary and linear axes so that the laser measurement beam is aligned throughout the test. Because the linear axis is moving, the measurements made by the XR20-W may include additional angular errors (eg. pitch) from the linear axis. These contributory angular errors are then measured separately (using XL-80 and angular optics) and removed from the initial rotary axis results. The end result is a set of data reflecting the errors from the rotary axis alone.

Off axis rotary software

Off axis rotary software makes testing in ‘off axis' applications easy, with the one application providing:

  • offset calculator
  • part program generator
  • data cleaner
  • a comprehensive manual covering all aspects of off axis testing, guiding the user through the process in simple steps.

Note: only compatible with RotaryXL and LaserXL software.

XR20-W 90° bracket

The mounting of the XR20-W relative to the axis under test is vital for accurate measurement. Renishaw has developed the XR20-W 90° bracket to remove complexity of manufacture for the user. This accessory is manufactured to extremely fine tolerances required to achieve accuracy of testing.

Off axis bracket with XR20-W

Flexible fixturing options are provided by removable magnetic feet and a variety of through holes for direct bolt attachment.

The bracket is useful for meeting the mounting requirements of ‘off axis' rotary measurements and resolving ‘on axis' mounting difficulties on trunion type machines.

For OEM users, full specifications for custom mounting manufacture can be found in the Off axis rotary software manual.

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