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OPTiMUM™ diamond styli

High performance scanning for the toughest environments

Why use OPTiMUM diamond coated styli?

OPTiMUM diamond styli offer long lasting scanning performance in demanding applications. The diamond coated spheres maintain their roundness and do not suffer material 'pick up' or premature wear when scanning a part. Diamond coated styli provide multiple benefits including an increased working life and reduction in recalibration and inspection downtime.

Ceramic balls are diamond coated to a thickness of approximately 0.03 mm and the balls are then polished in a highly complex process.

With over 40 years experience of producing styli for metrology applications, OPTiMUM diamond styli will support the increasing need for high speed scanning performance, without compromising results.

Premature wear

Scanning on hard or abrasive surfaces can result in abrasive wear from interaction between the two materials. When using a Ruby styli, minute particles of residue can cause fine scratches on the stylus ball and the surface of the work piece.

OPTiMUM diamond styli are extremely wear resistant and retain their form.

No material build up

Scanning on soft surfaces such as aluminium, creates material build up on the styli ball. When a ruby ball is used, the two materials attract one another and material is passed from the softer surface to the harder surface. This means that aluminium is deposited on the surface of the ball, changing the shape of the ball and meaning that your styli will need to be changed regularly.

With OPTiMUM diamond styli the material build up does not adhere to the ball and any small quantity that does can simply be wiped off.

Custom design

Designed to order, your diamond coated styli can be made in multiple thread sizes and stem materials, with ball sizes from 1.5 mm up to 8 mm to suit your specific application.

OPTiMUM diamond styli are designed and produced in house, ensuring short lead-times and high standards of quality.

All REVO® 5-axis measurement solutions will come with its own on surface system identification which ensures that each stylus is tested in order to create its own individual tuning category.

Contact us to find out more about our custom design service for OPTiMUM diamond styli.