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Q&A - Investor webcasts

Questions and answers about Renishaw

Do I have to re-register for each new webcast?

No, once you have registered you only need to enter your email address to access future webcasts.

Do I have to re-register if I login on a new device even if I have registered previously?

No, if accessing a webcast using a different device or browser you will be directed to the registration page where you can login with previously registered details.

What will happen when I register?

You will receive an email acknowledgement upon registration and an email reminder 24 hours before the webcast.

How do I submit a question?

Questions can be submitted in advance of, or during the webcast via the stream select page and the main webcast page.

What are the supported player formats for streaming audio/video?

The streaming media formats currently supported are Flash and Windows media. To be able to view the Streaming media content, make sure that one of the following plug-ins is installed: Flash 8 or higher, Windows Media Player 6.4 or higher. Please ensure you have Flash enabled in your browser. If using Firefox, please have auto-play enabled. If you are accessing via a corporate firewall, ask your Network administrator if the firewall is configured to receive streaming media content and make sure that the proxy settings are correct. If you experience any player problems accessing the video, please verify that the player plug-in is correctly configured.

Which internet browsers are supported?

The "Stream Studio" has been optimised for browsers that support cascading style sheets (i.e. Chrome, Firefox 51 and higher, Internet Explorer 7 and higher and Safari). Viewers with other browsers may not see the entire page and may not be able to use all aspects of the broadcasts's functionality.

What is the minimum hardware specification required in order to view the webcast?

Windows 95 or higher, Mac OS 9.2.1, Pentium III/AMD Athlon or Mac PowerPC, 64 MB RAM or higher, 56k modem or faster, 16-bit Sound Card, Video 256 colors or greater.