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Legacy products

The products detailed below have been superseded with our latest calibration product. Renishaw is committed to the ongoing support of our legacy products and also offers a range of options to upgrade to our latest calibration products.

Upgrade your system

ML10 laser measurement system (1988 - 2007)

Superseded by XL-80 laser system

XL-80 and ML10 upgrade

We can no longer provide repair or recalibration capability on ML10's and EC10's.

We are offering existing users the opportunity to upgrade to an XL-80 laser system. We believe that the XL-80 offers significant performance and operational benefits compared to the ML10 system.

The XL-80 is fully backwards compatible with existing ML10 optics and set-ups. No new procedures for a simpler, cost-effective upgrade.

QC10 ballbar system (1991 - 2009)

Superseded by QC20-W telescoping ballbar system

QC10 ballbarWe can no longer offer repair capability on QC10 ballbar but we continue to provide a recalibration service.

We are offering existing users the opportunity to trade in your QC10 ballbar and get a new QC20-W ballbar upgrade kit for less than half the cost of a complete new kit.

The QC20-W ballbar system has been designed to appeal to existing QC10 users.

  • Backwards compatible with existing QC10 components (with the exception of the small circle assessory kit).
  • QC20-W is the same 100 mm length, allowing users to use the same tests and test programmes developed for QC10.
  • Uses the same data file format so QC10 tests can be reviewed using Ballbar 20 software. Provides a single programme for QC20-W or QC10 users.
  • A partial arc kit is available separately to extend testing capability.

RX10 rotary axis calibrator (1993 - 2011)

Superseded by XR20-W rotary axis calibrator


We continue to provide a full recalibration and repair capability for all RX10's as well as the option to upgrade to the new XR20-W.

The XR20-W rotary axis calibrator offers greater flexibility, simpler set up and quicker overall testing. XR20-W works in conjunction with XL-80 and XM-60 laser systems and provides up to ±1 arc second accuracy. It has been designed for single handed easy fitment to a wide variety of rotary tables, lathes and other rotary axes.

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