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Equator™ gauging software for the shop floor operator, programming engineer and automation integrator.

Easy operation, easy programming

Equator systems are available with two levels of software, a programmable version for production engineers to create programs and, at a lower price, a shop floor system which allows those programs to be executed but prevents operators from making modifications.

Shop floor operators select and run programs using the user-friendly Renishaw Organiser front-end software, included on all Equator gauges. Equator systems have various reporting options, including simple pass/fail, a more detailed view in Process Monitor, or automatic data capture for updating machine tool offsets. Automated cells can be easily configured with EZ-IO automation software.


The licence of an Equator Controller is controlled using dongles, which makes it possible to upgrade a shop floor system to a programmable system. This provides flexibility to production engineers who need to activate full programming functionality on the shop floor, but also need to retain control over daily operations.