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Trigger Logic™

Trigger Logic™ is the process of configuring a Renishaw machine tool touch probe.

What is Trigger Logic™?

Trigger Logic™ is a method that allows the user to view and select all available mode settings in order to customise a probe to suit a specific application. Trigger Logic is activated by battery insertion and uses a sequence of stylus deflection (triggering) to systematically lead the user through the available choices to allow selection of the required mode options.

Current probe settings can be reviewed by simply removing the batteries for a minimum of 5 seconds, and then replacing them to activate the Trigger Logic review sequence.

Acquisition mode for Radio products

System set-up is achieved using Trigger Logic and powering-on the RMI or RMI-Q.

Partnering is only required during initial system set-up. Further partnering is only required if either the probe or RMI/RMI-Q is changed.

To find out more about configuring or acquiring your probe/tool setter, refer to the quick start guide or installation guide for your product.

Movies of the Trigger Logic and partnering process can also be found in the Support section.

Trigger Logic app

Alternatively, you can download our new Trigger Logic app.

The Trigger Logic™ app simplifies the process of configuring a Renishaw machine tool probe. The app provides the user with a simplified method of reviewing, configuring and changing their Renishaw probe settings. The app can also be used with radio probes for probe acquisition and partnering.

Download the app:

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Also available in China via Baidu, Tencent and Huawei.
Trigger logic app
Trigger logic guide