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Probe set-up technologies

Technologies to help configure a Renishaw machine tool touch trigger probe


Opti-Logic is the process of transmitting and receiving data from the new Renishaw Probe Setup smartphone app to a Renishaw machine tool probe using pulses of light.

The Probe Setup app is used to review and configure probe settings or to partner a radio probe with an RMI-Q or RMI-QE interface. Simple menus and animations guide the user through the Opti-Logic process.

The easy-to-use Opti-Logic technique provides significant user benefits, especially in situations where multiple probes require configuration at the same time.

Opti-Logic is supported on the new QE series of radio machine tool probes.

Trigger Logic™

Trigger Logic is a method of configuring a probe to suit a specific application. Trigger Logic is activated by inserting the battery into the probe and following a sequence of stylus deflections (triggering) to systematically lead the user through the various configuration menus and options.

The Renishaw Probe Setup app simplifies the process by providing clear, step-by-step, visual instructions to guide a user through the Trigger Logic process.

Trigger Logic can also be used to partner a radio probe with an RMI-Q/RMI-QE interface or to review the current probe settings.


ReniKey software has been designed to simplify the partnering process between an RMI-Q/RMI-QE interface and a Renishaw radio probe.

ReniKey software removes the need to restart the machine tool when partnering a radio probe to its interface and provides an easy solution for partnering multiple radio probes with a single RMI-Q/RMI-QE interface.

ReniKey software (Renishaw part no. A-5687-5000) is available from your local Renishaw distributor/office. This single software kit provides controller specific ReniKey macro cycles for a wide range of popular CNC machine tool controllers.