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Connecting SP80 / SP80H using UCC PI 80

The UCC PI 80 has different configuration layouts to provide an interface to CMM systems with three, four or five machine axes, whether brushed or brushless motors.

NOTE: The UCC S3 needs to be version V.2 or newer - see label on rear panel (first shipped February 2015).

3-axis CMM with brushed motors

UCC PI80 connectivity - UCC S3_SPA3_UCC PI80_SP80_MCU

3- or 4-axis CMM with brushless motors

UCC PI80 connectivity - UCC S3_SPA2-2_UCC PI80_SP80_MCU
NOTE: See UCC BI installation guide (Renishaw part number H-1000-7602) for configuration instructions.

3- or 4-axis large CMM with motors requiring an analogue servo power amplifier

UCC PI80 connectivity - UCC S3_third-party amplifier_UCC PI80_SP80

3-axis CMM with DC motors

UCC PI 80 connectivity - UCC S3_SPA3_UCC PI 80_SP80_MCU_DC motors