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SP80 and SP80H maintenance

The SP80 / SP80H probe is a serviceable part. In the event of a problem, please contact your supplier for assistance.

Following the simple maintenance procedures given below will prolong the operational life and continued high performance of the system. The user should determine the frequency of inspection and maintenance actions according to the conditions of use.

CAUTION: Always adhere to the safety instructions given in this guide. Failure to do so could adversely affect the performance of the probe and / or lead to personal injury.

SP80 and SP80H probe bodies and stylus holders (SH80 and SH80K)

The external surfaces of all system components should only be cleaned using a soft, lint free cloth. All parts must always be kept dry.

The kinematic coupling mechanisms, incorporated throughout the system, have a precision ball-on-ball seating, electrical contacts and permanent magnets. The coupling has been tested in a wide variety of environments and is highly tolerant of non-metallic dust, but regular inspection and cleaning is recommended to ensure continued high performance of the probe system.

Renishaw supplies a kit for easy cleaning of the kinematic coupling, which is available from your local Renishaw supplier, part number A-1085-0016.

SCP80(V) stylus changing port

Periodic cleaning of the ports, lids and outer surfaces, using a soft lint free cloth, is recommended to prevent contamination of stored stylus holders.


Stylus balls, threads and mating faces should be cleaned using a proprietary cleaning cloth or solvent such as isopropyl alcohol. Stylus balls should be regularly inspected for damage or 'pick-up' of component material (a problem sometimes encountered with continuous scanning).