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Mounting styli on the SH80 and styli orientation

Mounting styli on the SH80

It is recommended that the SH80 is removed from the probe body when attaching styli.

M5 stylus arrangements are directly screwed into the 5-way cube on the SH80. Where required, use step down adaptors to smaller thread styli, or select cubes and knuckles to create the required cluster. However wherever possible, M5 styli should be used to ensure the stiffness of construction.

NOTE: Always hold SH80 with your spare hand as the SH80 tool does not retain the SH80.

Styli orientation

The stylus cluster can be rotationally adjusted to its required position by adjustment of the 5-way cube as follows:

  1. Releasing the rotational clamping screw using the 2 mm across flats hexagonal key.
  2. Rotating the stylus cluster to the required position.
  3. Tighten the rotational clamping screw to torque of 1.0 Nm.

Rotational stylus adjustment:

SH80 rotational stylus adjustment