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Fitting the battery

  1. Move MIH to axis positions A0.0, B0.0 and lock up.
  2. Unscrew housing retaining screw.
  3. Open housing door.
  4. Insert battery as shown (negative end first).
  5. Close door and secure retaining screw (do not overtighten).
  6. Reset datum (See 'Datum mode').

NOTE: Incorrect insertion of the battery will not cause damage to the MIH.


Fitting the probe

  1. Offer up the female autojoint with key slot facing as shown.
  2. Using an S10 autojoint key, insert into access hole and locate blade in key slot.
  3. Rotate clockwise to lock the autojoint.
  4. Once qualified, probe / stylus combinations may be interchanged without the need to re-qualify.
  5. After changing a probe, unlock and re-lock the head to ensure repeatability.

Pin connections

  1. Insert Renishaw 5-pin DIN plug into socket.
  2. Head LED cathode
  3. Ground
  4. Head LED anode
  5. Probe circuit
  6. Probe circuit

Quill mounting

Ensure that the head is securely mounted onto the CMM quill. Any rotational movement occurring during use will result in a loss of repeatability of positional data.


CAUTION: Always fit mounting shanks with the screws supplied (M3 × 5 mm (0.20 in) long). The use of incorrect screws may cause serious internal damage to the head.