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Self test

NOTE: These tests are for diagnostic purposes only.

The self test function can only be entered by pressing the M+ or M- button whilst the battery is being inserted. If this should happen accidentally, either refit the battery or step through the function by pressing both M+ and M- buttons three times to enter 'Datum mode'.

LCD test

This test cycles round the LCD displaying each segment in turn.

Pressing the M+ button will display all LCD segments simultaneously.

Pressing the M- button will display the MIH software version number.

Press the M+ and M- buttons simultaneously to transfer to the encoder test.


Encoder test

The head should be locked during this test.

Any positional error within the A or B-axis encoders will be detected and displayed in the self test.

Press M+ and M- simultaneously to transfer to the battery test.


Battery test

This function is used by Renishaw when setting the low battery indicator threshold.

To step through this function, press the M+ and M- buttons simultaneously to transfer to 'Datum mode'.