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DO mount the head as rigidly as possible in the CMM quill.

DO ensure that the head is properly locked before attempting to use the probe to take points.

DO support probe / extension set-ups of longer than 150 mm by hand when locking or unlocking the head.

DO disarm the probe during moves if possible. This can be achieved via the application software and will avoid false triggers.

DO change the battery when low battery indicator is ON.

DO reposition the head by moving only one axis at a time to ensure best practise.

DO unlock and relock the head after a probe change.

DO NOT rotate the head axes by holding the probe stylus.

DO NOT move the CMM by holding the head.

DO NOT attempt to use a probe whilst the head is unlocked.

DO NOT leave the head unlocked for long periods.

DO NOT use probe extensions over 300 mm long.

DO NOT lock the head in an overtravel position.

DO NOT move the axes beyond overtravel positions.