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Using a sequence with MIH

When using a sequence, the only requirement is to position the MIH following the axis direction arrows and lock up once the correct position is reached. On unlock, the sequence will automatically increment to the next step and the direction arrows will indicate the direction each axis must be rotated to, in order to achieve the position stored in that step.

Step 1

To use a sequence, either press the M- button from the 'USE Ed' display or the M+ button from the 'End USE' display. Either of these actions will automatically start the sequence at step 1. The memory contents of sequence step 1 are displayed and the flashing direction arrows indicate the direction in which each axis must be rotated to achieve the position stored in sequence step 1. If the head is already in this position, the position confirmation block will be displayed.

If the head is not in this position, unlock the head and follow the direction arrows. The display will show live positional data and the position confirmation block will confirm when the correct position has been reached.


Step 2

Locking the head in this position returns the display to show the sequence step number and its contents. The corresponding probe tip number can now be selected and points taken.


Step 3

When the head is next unlocked, the direction arrows will show the way to achieve the position stored in sequence step 3. On locking up in the correct position, the display will show sequence step 3 and its memory contents, along with the position confirmation block.

If the head is locked in an incorrect position, flashing direction arrows will instruct the user to unlock and try again.


Step 4

If the head is accidentally unlocked in a sequence step position before points can be taken, simply re-lock the head and press the M+ or M- buttons to step through the sequence until the correct step is reached.

When the last step in the programmed sequence is reached, the sequence will automatically loop back to the fi rst step. This will only occur if the end of sequence marker (E) has been correctly placed during sequence editing.


Step 5

Pressing the M+ and M- buttons simultaneously for longer than 3 seconds will give the choice to either re-use the sequence (press M+) or end using sequence mode (press M-).

Pressing M+ will take the user back to step 1 in the sequence. Pressing M- or taking no action for 5 seconds will transfer the display back to simple mode.