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Machine tool probes for tool setting and broken tool detection

Renishaw probe systems provide an innovative solution to improve the efficiency of your machine tools.

Tool setting can measure the size of tools before cutting starts, and check for tool damage or breakage during the machining operation.

Tool setting solutions for machining centres

Reduce scrap and increase productivity by accurately setting the length and diameter of cutting tools on CNC machining centres prior to machining. Renishaw has designed a range of tool setters, offering both contact and non-contact tool measurement and broken tool detection.

Benefits of automated tool setting

Using slip gauges and entering offset data manually takes time and is prone to operator error. Tool setting probes are easily installed on machining centres and CNC turning centres, allowing automated operation with the following benefits:

  • Significant time savings with reduced machine downtime
  • Accurate tool length and diameter measurement
  • Automatic tool offset calculation and correction
  • Elimination of manual setting errors
  • In-cycle tool breakage detection
  • Reduced scrap

Tool setting and broken tool detection systems

Contact tool setter and broken tool detectionMachine typeTransmission typeMinimum tool detectionRepeatability (2σ)
APCA-45Small - largeHard-wiredØ1.0 mm1.5 µm
OTSSmall – mediumOpticalØ1.0 mm1.0 µm
RTSMedium – largeRadioØ1.0 mm1.0 µm
TS27RSmall – largeHard-wiredØ1.0 mm1.0 µm
TS34Small – largeHard-wiredØ1.0 mm1.0 µm
Primo™ Radio 3D Tool SetterSmall – mediumRadioØ1.0 mm1.0 µm
LTSSmall – largeHard-wiredØ0.1 mm0.75 µm
Non-contact tool setter and broken tool detectionMachine typeTransmission typeMinimum tool detectionRepeatability (2σ)
NC4Small – largeHard-wiredØ0.03 mm±1.0 µm
NCPCBPCB machineHard-wiredØ0.10 mm0.50 µm

Broken tool detection

TRS2Small – large Hard-wired Ø0.2 mm
Tool setting ArmsMachine typeTransmission typeRepeatability (2σ)Probe

HPRA (removable)

HPPA (manual)

HPMA (automatic)

Lathe and multi-tasking machinesHard-wired

5.00 μm
(6 in to 15 in arms)

8.00 μm
(18 in to 24 in arms)

1.0 µm 2σ repeatability

HPGA (automatic)Lathe, multi-tasking machines and grindersHard-wired

3.00 μm

LP2 or MP250

Custom solutions

Custom solutions can be developed by Renishaw's experienced 'Specials' design team.

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