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Hybrid Raman systems

Increase the capabilities of your Renishaw Raman microscope by coupling it to other analytical systems from a wide range of manufacturers.

For maximum efficiency, you can analyse your sample with two or more techniques without having to transfer it between instruments.

With Renishaw's correlative microscopy systems you can be confident that you are analysing the same point with both techniques.

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invia Raman microscope hybrid system

SPM/AFM: Nanometre resolution

Combine the inVia™ Raman microscope with a scanning probe microscope (SPM), such as an atomic force microscope (AFM), to investigate the chemical and structural properties of materials. Add nanometre-scale chemical resolution with tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (TERS), and reveal complementary information such as mechanical properties.

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Hybrid Raman system SEM SCA

SEM Raman system

Bring Raman analysis capabilities to a scanning electron microscope (SEM) with Renishaw's Raman structural chemical analyser (SCA) interface. Use the SEM to record high-resolution images of your sample and perform elemental analysis using x-rays. Identify materials and non-metallic compounds, even when they have the same stoichiometry.

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Nanoindentation: mechanical property measurements

Combine the power of the inVia Raman microscope with nanoindentation measurements and directly correlate mechanical and tribological properties with chemical information such as crystallinity, polymorphism, phase and stress.

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Hysitron inVia Raman system

Read an article from the Microscopy and Analysis Journal

  • Correlative SPM Raman and SEM analysis of biomedical devices and coatings Correlative SPM Raman and SEM analysis of biomedical devices and coatings

    A variety of medical implants and microelectrode arrays for electrophysiology are fabricated in thin film and micro technology. To guarantee the quality, proper functionality and safe operation of these devices, analytical techniques to investigate the structure and chemical composition of surfaces and interfaces during the fabrication process and for final quality control are essential.

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