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Long range laser encoder products

HS20 laser encoderHS20 laser

The Renishaw HS20 laser head is the core component in a non-contact interferometric based encoder system for long axis, high accuracy, linear position feedback applications.

RCU10 compensator unit and sensorsRCU10 real-time quadrature compensation system

Utilises environmental sensors to monitor a machine's ambient environment and provides real-time compensation of the position feedback signals.

Linear optics kitLinear optics

The standard linear interferometer optics kit is suitable for axes lengths up to 30 m.

Long range linear opticsLong range linear optics

Utilising a large retroreflector and periscope assembly, the Long range interferometer optics kit is suitable for axes length up to 60 m.

LS06 beam steererLS06 laser beam steerer

Providing 0.6 mrads of pitch and yaw adjustment through the optical beam steerer speed up to improve the ease of alignment process.

HS10 laser scale long-range ductingBeam protection ducting

To prevent the laser from being interrupted during operation, Renishaw ducting encases the laser beam to protect it within harsh environments.

HS20 alignment plateAlignment plate

The alignment plate provides stable mounting locations for both the laser head and interferometer optics and offers translation and rotation adjustment to ease laser alignment.